Pietro G. Gambarova

Biographical Outline and Academical Curriculum

Pietro G. Gambarova was born in Milan, on September 1st, 1941. After attending Milan University of Technology from 1960 to 1965, he received his MS Degree in Aeronautical Engineering in March 1966. He was awarded the gold medal as best graduate of that year.

After a period spent as an officer in the Corps of Engineers of the Italian Air Force (1966-67), he joined the Department of Structural Engineering, where he held the position of Assistant Professor from 1968 to 1974 (Chair of Structural Analysis and Design). In 1975 he became Associate Professor (Professore Stabilizzato) of Structural Analysis and Design; in 1976 he lectured at the National Somali University in Mogadisho; in 1978 and 1982 he was a visiting scholar to Northwestern University (Evanston, Chicago).

In 1971 Pietro Gambarova married Mariella Rozza; they have two sons, Alexander (1972, now an MS Engineer) and Gabriel (1975, now an MS in Economics).

In 1980 Pietro Gambarova suceeded in a national competition for a position of Full Professor. In January 1981 he obtained one of the chairs of Structural Analysis and Design at the School of Civil Engineering of Milan, where he is still lecturing to the students majoring in Hydraulic and Transportation Engineering. He is also lecturing at the School for the Design of R/C Structures of Milan Technical University (R/C Slabs and Shells).

Pietro Gambarova has been involved with research on non-destructive analysis of structures and materials, shear and punching in R/C, bond mechanics in R/C, high-performance and fiber-reinforced concrete, non-linear analysis of R/C structures, and lately high-temperature degradation of high-performance concrete and R/C structures. He is the author or coauthor of one book on structural analysis and of more than 120 papers, many of them published in well-known international magazines and journals, or in the proceedings (many with referees) of international congresses and symposiums.

He has been a member of ACI Committee 446 Fracture Mechanics concerning "FE Analysis of Fracture in Concrete Structures" and of CEB Task Group VI-1 (1979-1990) concerning "Bond in R/C". As a member of FIB Task Group 4/2 "Bond Models", he has been the convener of the party who has prepared the introductory chapter of FIB Bulletin No.10 "Bond of Reinforcement in Concrete" (August 2000). He is an ASCE Fellow since November 1999, and a member of Am. Concrete Ins.- ACI, Int. Assn. of Bridge and Structure Engineers IABSE, It. Assn. of R/C and P/C Designers AICAP, It. Assn. of Building Engineers C.T.E., and It. FIB Group. He is also a Registered Engineer in Milan.

Pietro Gambarova has been the coordinator of three Italian National Projects (1994-96 "Special Materials for Better Structures", financed by CNR Italian National Council for Research; 1994-97 "Innovative Techniques and Modelling in R/C and P/C Structures, financed by 18 Universities; 1997-99 "Safety of High-Performance Structures", partially financed by 13 Universities and partially by the Italian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - MURST). He is now the Coordinator of a recently-approved and funded project on the "Mechanical Deterioration and Durability of NSC and HPC Structures" (2000-2002).

Pietro Gambarova has been a consultant to CNR It. Nat. Council for Research and to the Technical Committee of the Ministry of Public Works, on fatigue in high-performance concrete and on the extension of the Italian code of practice to higher-grade concretes (high-performance concrete up to 75 MPa - cubic strength, and high-strength concrete up to 115 MPa cubic strength).

From 1994 to 1999 he has been also the scientific coordinator of 2 projects concerning high-temperature effects on the behavior of high-strength and very high-strength concrete, both financed partially by the Italian Agency for Energy and Environment ENEA, and partially by the European Communities (Project CONT on the safety of R/C containment shells in nuclear power plants, 1994-95; Project HITECO III on very high-strength concrete, 1997-99).

Milan, March 2001