Personal information


First name, Surname


Massimiliano, Bocciarelli



+39 02 2399 4320


Date of birth


05 April 1977



Department of Structural Engineering, Politecnico di Milano,
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32, 20133 Milano, Italy.





q  May 2005, Doctoral degree in Structural Engineering. Politecnico di Milano.

q  February 2002, Master degree in Structural Engineering. Chalmers University of Technology of Goteborg (Sweden).

q  December 2001, Laurea in Civil Engineering. Politecnico di Milano


academic position


q  From August 2005 to September 2006, Research Fellow, Department of Structural Engineering, Technical University of Milan.

q  Since September 2006, Assistant Professor (Ricercatore di ruolo), Department of Structural Engineering, Technical University of Milan.


Other information


q  Reviewer for the following Journals:
International Journal of Mechanical Science, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Nano Letters,Archive of Applied Mechanics, Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering, Computational Materials Science


Main publications


Book Chapters


[1].          Maier, G., Bocciarelli, M., Fedele, R., Some innovative industrial prospects centered on inverse analyses, a Chapter in Z. Mroz, G. Stavroulakis Eds., Parameter Identification of Materials and Structures, Cism Course, Springer-Verlag, 2005.

[2].          Bolzon G., Bocciarelli M., Chiarullo E.J, Mechanical characterization of materials by microindentation and AFM scanning, Chapter of the book: B. Bhushan, H. Fuchs and H. Yamada Editors, Applied Scanning Probe Methods XII, Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, 2008.


Refereed Journal Papers


[1].         Bocciarelli M., Cocchetti G., Maier G., Shakedown analysis of train wheels by Fourier series and nonlinear programming, Engineering Structures, 26, 455-470, 2004.

[2].         Bocciarelli, M., Bolzon, G., Maier, G., Mechanical characterization of anisotropic materials by indentation test, imprint mapping and inverse analysis, Mechanics of Materials, 37/8, 855-868, 2005.

[3].         Maier, G., Bocciarelli, M., Bolzon, G., Fedele, R., On inverse analyses in fracture mechanics, International Journal of Fracture, 138, 47-73, 2006.

[4].         Bocciarelli, G., Maier, G., Indentation and imprint mapping method for identification of residual stresses, Computational Materials Science, 39, 381-392, 2007.

[5].         Bocciarelli, G., Bolzon, G., Indentation and imprint mapping for the identification of constitutive parameters of thin layers on substrates: perfectly bonded interfaces, Materials Science & Engineering A, 448, 303-314, 2007.

[6].         Bocciarelli, M., Colombi, P., Fava, G., Poggi, C., Interaction of interface delamination and plasticity in tensile steel members reinforced by CFRP plates, International Journal of Fracture, 146, 79-92, 2007.

[7].         Bocciarelli, M., Bolzon, G., Maier, G., A constitutive model of metal-ceramic functionally graded material behavior: formulation and parameter identification, Computational Materials Science, 43, 16-26, 2008.

[8].         Cordano, D., Carnevale, G., Bocciarelli, M., Electrical characterization of CMOS transistors subject to externally applied mechanical stress, Computational Materials Science, 43, 951-956, 2008.

[9].         Bocciarelli, M., Colombi, P., Fava, G., Poggi, C., Durability of steel members strengthened by CFRP strips under cyclic loadings, Composite Structures, 87, 334-343, 2009.

[10].       Bocciarelli, M., Colombi, P., Fava, G., Poggi, C., Prediction of debonding strength of tensile steel/CFRP joints using fracture mechanics and stress based criteria, Engineering Fracture Mechanics. In press.

[11].     Bocciarelli M., Response of statically determined steel beams reinforced by CFRP plates in the elastic-plastic regime, Engineering Structures. In press.

[12].     Bocciarelli, M., Bolzon G., Indentation and imprint mapping for the identification of interface properties in film substrate systems. International Journal of Fracture. In press